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21-Aug-2020 22:23

We really got along and then he asked me to meet Jason [Statham]. That is quick for TV show characters, but I feel that we have moved so fast because we are always on the bubble. Let’s…” Although, it doesn’t seem like it is quick.

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I caught the film at TIFF and if you’re a fan Statham and the rest of the cast, it’s definitely worth seeing. ” So I had to go online and find out where they were. I was really chuffed to be working with Jason Statham to begin with and then we found out that Clive Owen was signing on. I’m assuming that once the show wraps that the doors will open. We sort of have to protect Morgan now whereas initially we started the whole show where I was protecting Chuck. We are married and Morgan is our man child that we have to protect.

So I knew I was going to spend the day one-on-one with him. Strahovski: It was straight off the bat when the script first came to me. NBC could maybe still go another 6 or 9 if the ratings are good. You sort of get to be all of these different characters. Whether it is television or film, the character on the page has to speak to me. What can fans look forward to in these first few episodes?

So I wanted to get the meeting portion of the whole thing over and done with beforehand, which was really great. I knew that I was going to be doing an Australian accent. I think I can speak for all of the actors on the show when I say that we have such loyal fans. What have you guys been doing and what can you tease besides the amazing guest stars?

Strahovski: [laughs] If I worked with Fincher, I would lo love to try that out one day, absolutely. I mean, I have had journalists who are fans of the show that choke up when they ask about it ending.

But for the past 4 ½ years I have spent on a show that is just 1 or 2 takes. We have to stick with the notion that this is it- that the 13 will be it. If for some random reason they throw us back into the works and say, “You know what? We were very emotional at Comic Con knowing that we have had such loyal fans that have kept us on the air for all of these years.

My stuff was always set in Australia as far as I know. I feel comfortable knowing that whatever I do next I know that I will have people watching out for me seeing where I am going to go next. Obviously, the guys in the writer’s room know where they are going towards the end.

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