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For help, see "Show hidden files, hidden folders, and all filename extensions in Windows Explorer (Windows XP, Vista)" (kb404880).

I have windows VM running and some of the host are giving this error, I have understood one thing that there is not space to create swap file. I have seen 3 solutions in this link Connect directly to your host or to your v Center Server using the VMware Infrastructure/v Sphere Client. Click Virtual Machine Swapfile Location and click Edit.

The APT preferences file overrides the priorities that APT assigns to package versions by default, thus giving the user control over which one is selected for installation.

deb precise main universe restricted multiverse deb-src precise universe main multiverse restricted #Added by software-properties deb precise-security universe main multiverse restricted deb precise-updates universe main multiverse restricted deb precise-backports universe main multiverse restricted # deb precise partner #deb-src precise partner # deb precise main # deb-src precise main deb file:/media/Main/Linux-Software/Ubuntu/Oneiric / #this is oneiric repository.

In this case apt-get(8) downloads the instance listed earliest in the sources.list(5) file.

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop Reading package lists...

I have let it sit for a long time and it does not do anything.



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Ensure the swap file is located on the specified host datastore.