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I think that there is still a stigma, but much less so than there was a few years ago.

At the moment I'm in the process of losing weight (lost 4 stone since this time last year) and whilst my confidence is slowly improving..."picking up" girls is something I don't feel I have the confidence to do..

Anyway, the reason I ask is that on several occasions is that I've seen people (girls, more specifically) advise people to stay away from online site because of the amount of "weirdo's" on there, which seems a bit bizarre to me. Do you think there is still a stigma with meeting & dating people who you've met online? The sites which charge you are more likely to just be scamming you out of money, though does offer you your money back but I'm sure you'd have to appear to be actively stalking/pursuing women.

There are a lot more alternatives to wasting £££ a month where all you're going to get is naff all and a bad chase. Your music taste is impeccable OP i wouldnt look down on someone who used a dating site. If she didn't message anyone ever, she'd never get a boyfriend. I don't have anything against online dating sites, but i wouldnt use one. Some people have no intention of finding a date on them, they just love the attention their profile brings.

If youve just moved to a new area, have a very demanding job that takes up all your time or are just getting over some personal issues it makes sense. Its a way to meet people i spose but then again im not looking for a realtionship. OKCupid is the best of the free ones if you do want to go down that route.

The awkwardness of the situation wins and destroys any chance of actually connecting with the person. If youve just moved to a new area, have a very demanding job that takes up all your time or are just getting over some personal issues it makes sense. If you want to meet someone and you say youre working on your appearance join a gym, you're more likely to meet friends and a partner. As an informed guess, I would say that the average woman on a dating site receives around 100 times as many first-contact messages than she sends herself.

Go to outdoor events, take part in local and residential activities and get your friends/neighbours to introduce people to you. Every girl on a dating site is on it because she wants a boyfriend. That sounds like a big difference, but all it is really is a girl getting 5-10 messages a day, and a guy getting one every few weeks, which is about what tends to happen. I use free ones because I'm not convinced dating sites in general have much success rate but the problem with the free ones is many people just sign up to mess about or try to get sex.

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So aside from seeing their pictures, and what kind of values they have/the kind of things they consider important in a relationship, it's very hard or nigh on impossible to actually have something interesting!

I honestly don't see how else to start a conversation on these things.

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