Would you rather questions for online dating

06-May-2020 00:31

They can be rather revealing, insightful and very truthful.

If you were to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend if they’d enjoy sleeping with someone else, or if they’ve ever found someone else attractive, they’d shuffle their feet uncomfortably and deny it.

#6 Would you rather cheat on me or bring another person of your gender into bed with us?

[Read: How to make a guy go down on you without a push] #15 Would you rather place a hidden camera in an attractive friend’s bathroom or kiss them accidentally?

You can also use the answers to these questions to fantasize in bed with your lover later.

If you do prolong these questions while making out, the sex may turn both of you on a lot more, and both of you will understand each other’s sexual side a lot more too.

Either ways, your sex life will get better, your relationship will feel more secure, and both of you will feel a lot closer and more connected.

#1 If both of us were playing sexual truth or dare with other couples, would you rather watch me make out with someone or would you prefer making out with someone?

[Read: The real reason behind why men like porn so much] #4 Would you rather be an occasional flasher and discreetly show off your body to an attractive neighbor, or a voyeur who peeps at a sexy neighbor when they’re undressing?