Windows explorer not updating

28-Oct-2019 03:43

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Increasing the value of that parameter resolved refresh issues on deleted and moved file entries.

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When the File Explorer’s view is set to extra large icons, large icons, medium icons, details or tiles view, the File Explorer displays thumbnail previews of pictures and videos so that users can easily find files they are looking for.Select on one of the above mentioned views to turn on thumbnail view.Even if the thumbnail preview supported view is turned on for a particular folder, thumbnails for files won’t be displayed if the File Explorer is configured to show icons instead of thumbnails.Several posters stated that the issue pertains to the Windows UI Shell and several solutions exist: A solution that worked for me: I found that none of the steps advised above (or on other sites) was working.

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However, the folder I was working in was part of a "Library." I found that if I switch to working in the original file location, I no longer have the problem.It seems that there's a bug with Windows updating views within libraries. The problem for me was a "Libraries" linking problem.