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Not to mention the live canon and the RPS thing and the four hundred meta issues that I've never seen mentioned in any fandom before.

(What do you do when an RPS subject replies to fic (directly, on LJ, logged into their own account) with "dialogue rings true"? ) And all of these things, these young-fandom-characteristics, influence the fic in tiny imperceptible ways that you get used to without knowing what you're getting used to.

Gym Class Heroes, Panic at the Disco, The Hush Sound, Cobra Starship, The Cab, but the contract between Decaydance Records and Fueled By Ramen has since expired.

Before Dreamwidth and AO3, Bandom lived on Live Journal, where it slowly emerged from the primordial ooze of general band RPS around 2004-2006 and gained a sense of identity.

And then suddenly, the number of people in the fandom had ballooned dramatically.

Here you can post stories about bands that are not written a lot about or cross overs from different bands." In the first month, fans posted a Fall Out Boy fic, a My Chemical Romance/The Used crossover, a Mest/The Used crossover, and a story about Geoff Rickly of Thursday, along with various other bands that were popular at the time.

patrickxpeter, possibly the first Fall Out Boy slash comm, was also created in July 2004.

A few months later, the band-specific comm mychemicalslash was created.

Additionally, many of the band members have since moved on to new bands or solo projects and will occasionally be featured.

Notable ones include Black Cards, Gerard Way and the Hormones, Frank Iero's multiple solo and side projects, I Don't Know How but They Found Me, among others.

In this context, the term is a portmanteau of bandslash and fandom, though it is understood differently in other fan communities. The term's first use is hard to pinpoint, but it first became popular in early 2007 when a new wave of fans became interested in the bands and their surrounding fandom.