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27-Sep-2019 05:15

Then I could finally remove the old console itself from my entertainment center. Nintendo’s over-zealous DRM scheme, combined with a malfunction in my launch-era Wii hardware, instead trapped my purchases on the Wii.Unless I’m willing to pay Nintendo to help me out, 0 of downloaded games will remain in limbo.Downloading Nintendo’s massive, day-one Wii U firmware update took over an hour, but the length of time didn't bother me.I would finally be able to transfer the Virtual Console games I bought for the Wii over to my new Wii U.The actual transfer process is handled by a free “Wii Transfer Tool,” which you download from the Wii Shop Channel to both the old and new systems.As the on-screen instructions explain in great detail, the process has three main steps: Getting this entire process set up was time-consuming and inconvenient.

Instead, Nintendo set up a convoluted DRM system, hoping to ensure Wii owners could only play downloaded games (or access other personal content) on a single console.Then, with Step 2 of the above process roughly 33 percent done, the screen suddenly went black.My Wii displayed the message shown at the top of this post: “An error occurred while accessing Wii system memory.It required a lot of remote juggling and TV input switching.

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But after half an hour, I was finally watching a bunch of cute Pikmin slowly copy the accumulated contents of my Wii to the SD card.Refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.” At this point, I had one thought—I was totally screwed.