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The most notable exception has been "Ugly Betty," which used the usual U. primetime television convention of broadcasting one episode per week (for an average of 22 episodes per season) and diverged completely from the original telenovela's plots.

As the story begins, Armando Mendoza is put in charge of Eco Moda, a prestigious fashion house in Bogotá, by the company's outgoing president, Armando's father, Roberto Mendoza, who has decided to retire to London with his wife, Margarita, after 35 years of running the company.

Armando's girlfriend, Marcela Valencia, and her brother, Daniel, are also executives at Eco Moda, having inherited their share of the company from their deceased parents, Julio and Susana Valencia.

Their sister, Maria Beatriz Valencia, is also a major stockholder.

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The international "Betty" phenomenon started in Colombia with "Yo soy Betty, la fea" (I am Betty, the Ugly) on October 25, 1999.Daniel was also considered for the company's top position, but Armando ensured that he would get Marcela's support with the board of directors by surprising her with a public announcement of his intention to marry her that September.Daniel received one vote Maria Beatriz and one from Roberto, but Armando got one vote from his own sister, Camila (who had been "exiled" to Switzerland after she married a poor man without her parents' approval), one from Margarita, one from the company's Marketing Director, Mario Calderón (representing minority shareholders), and the final deciding vote from Marcela.Randy Pikango tried to inspire Scarlet idea to take part in the casting, looking for the main heroine for the series "Llovizna" and this attempt is more successful than.

But before that there were long months of training, acting skills, plastics, dancing and singing in theater school Luz Columba Professor Nelson Ortega, who is still her adviser.She persisted in its promotion, which helped her out of the crisis, in which she was, acting in Nubeluz.

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