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I have been blessed to really touch the community in a positive way, and whether it’s through the educational side through the Magic Johnson Foundation, we have about 120, 125 students on scholarship.

We will increase that to be about 150 next year, and they can [attend] the college of their choice. A lot of them have good grades, but they don’t have the financial means to go to college, so we try to help them go and also make sure we become their stepparents in a sense, father and mother figure to them all the four years they’re in college.

When you think about all the things we do in the communities, it’s a lot, and it covers probably over 100 cities and 24 states, and so that’s what I am all about.

I know a little bit about your humble beginnings, your mom and dad. God blessed me with two unbelievable parents, and I am just like both of them. My dad worked two jobs his whole life, and so I told him he’s the reason I have 20 jobs.

We’re able to touch the community in so many different ways.

And it’s very important to me that we do that and that people of color and the minorities that live in urban America know that they can come to Magic Johnson Foundation and Magic Johnson Enterprises for anything. When you think about our for-profit businesses — the Starbucks that I used to own and the Magic Johnson Theatres, the Magic Johnson 24 Hour Fitness and on and on, , all the businesses that I have — we are able to put 30,000 minorities to work each and every day, and that’s really important as well so they can take care of themselves and their families.

” We were coming home anyway, and he said, “No, you’ve got to come home right now.” So I flew back to L.

“I am going to die,” he thought upon hearing the news.The impact of Johnson’s announcement was huge, explains Dr.Marsha Martin, who was the special assistant on HIV/AIDS policy to Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, and who now works as the director of Get Screened Oakland, a group dedicated to increasing HIV testing in Oakland, Calif.: The public at large learned something and the black folks learned something. You can live with this, and you also don’t have to discuss the how, when and why. What’s important is you can be tested, you can get treated.Then we try to touch the community with our technology centers.

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We have 19 of them, and young kids who can’t afford to have a computer in their own home, as well as parents and their grandparents, now they have access to one, because if they’re not allowed or they can’t get to a computer, there’s no way they can keep up with the world and keep up their grades in terms of school. We also financially educate them on things that are important to them: how to start their own business, how to grow their business as well as the main thing is, how do they get access to capital? It probably takes more out of you trying to hold it and keep it than it does for you to really let it out.Note: In November 2011, we published these video excerpts of Magic Johnson’s interview with FRONTLINE on the 20th anniversary of his HIV diagnosis.