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Here’s what Cruikshank had to say about the past, present, and future of the Fred character. Some of the younger fans, who discovered Fred when he was on Nickelodeon, have a strong attachment to the character as he appears in the movies and TV show.

Older fans identify more with the Fred from my original You Tube videos.

During 2012–2013 he starred in a sci-fi comedy show ‘Marvin Marvin’.

In 2017 he created another You Tube channel, named ‘Lucas’, which reached the number of 2.5 million subscribers in 2017.

He is often recognized under his character’s name Fred Figglehorn.

In 2008–2009 he created a series of funny videos about Fred, and that gave him a million of subscribers on You Tube.

With collaboration to his brother he could succeed with this journey and for this he appreciated his siblings also for the collection of amazing sum of the net worth of amount.

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LC: When I started doing Fred, You Tube was only like a year old and people were figuring out what it was going to be.Lucas new video was even shared by Amy on twitter with proper responding.