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Inactivity and inexperience got the best of me in qualifying and cost us a handful of spots.

Hope to run all the laps and take in the experience. In other great news, @Blake Koch Racing is the man and provided with me @Filter Time promo code!!

1978 @Martinsville Swy posing for “Best Appearing Car” Body was done by grandfather Robert Gee. pic.twitter.com/ELsrq4Pyk T Today’s tv version of the show @NBCSN will only feature the @mattdracing interview. throwback paint scheme calls for special white wheels for @Dale Jr's No.

This paint scheme was often used on Robert Gee’s own cars driven by @All Waltrip and others in the 70s. To hear @Steve Letarte review of Days of Thunder and the rest of the podcast, use the links below. 8 @Hellmanns Chevy this weekend @Too Tough To Tame and we're ready thanks to our friends at Aero Race Wheels.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., and longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann celebrated New Year’s Eve with a star-studded wedding.

Some of the biggest names in NASCAR joined them for the celebration. Danica Patrick was there too, and yeah, she caught the bouquet.

There were times, early on, that I really struggled with it … Over the years I’ve learned to embrace the nuances of Dale’s life that I didn’t experience before meeting him. Dinner, hmmm…now that I’m forced to think about it, we haven’t had a date in a while. Question: Most husbands are 9-5'ers -- home every night, doing stuff on the weekends.

Question: What was the biggest challenge in the early days of the marriage? Amy: Biggest challenge for me in the early days after we were married was our new pace of life. I’m certain Amy will have a lot to do with her being amazing and I’ll try not to be too bad of an influence. When you were younger and picturing marriage, was that what you expected? Amy: I’ve never been one to have big expectations for what marriage would be like or the type of man I’d spend my life with.

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Earnhardt, 43, is transitioning from NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver to Most Popular Husband, at least to Amy, and soon Most Popular Dad, at least to his daughter. Dale Jr.: More pressure than anyone will probably ever know.

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Despite their separation, she has always been supportive towards her ex-husband and children.

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Find out below about her relationship with Dale Sr. Popularly known as the ex-wife of American car racer Dale Earnhardt Sr, Brenda Lorraine Gee, the mother of two, is unmarried after separation from Dale Sr.Unfortunately, the relationship lasted for about 8 years and ended in 1979.