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I was interested in the blues, because Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] used to say, "forget about us, go and listen to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf". I listened to that music and I adored its primitivism. But bizarrely enough, people do buy my stuff, so I get to play great theatres all over the world. [on David Bowie's suggestion that Live Aid should be an annual event] If he wants to give up six months a year to do it, fair enough. I can't afford the time to organise another one myself.

So I dutifully went to the record shop and said "have you heard of these people?

In one video Jeanne can be seen in her stunning lace wedding gown, which hugs her amazing figure before kicking out into a glamorous fishtail and train.

Semi-sheer panels flash glimpses of the French actress' pins, while a Bardot neckline reveals her delicate d├ęcolletage.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was so impressed by his charity entrepreneurship following the Band Aid and Live Aid (1985) efforts, she had him knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, which made him the first pop star to receive a knighthood (albeit honorary due to his Irish citizenship). He is also the custodial guardian of Paula Yates' orphaned daughter Tiger-Lily (b. Organized the Live Aid (1985) concerts that were held in July of 1985 after seeing a BBC documentary on Ethiopia. The Live Aid concerts were held at Wembley Stadium in the UK and JFK Stadium in Philidelphia, raising millions for Ethiopia. Patricia had complained that she hadn't seen Tiger since April 06 when Bob was in Australia. I find that the best strategy is to make the public aware of the situation and what needs to be, and can be, done about it.

Geldof and Paula Yates had three daughters-- Fifi Trixiebelle (Fifi Geldof) (b. He flew to Ethiopia, finding the worst living conditions, and children starving. Is often referred to, and credited - incorrectly - as Sir Bob Geldof. The courts sided with Bob over concerns that Tiger didn't know anybody from Michael's family. [About different motivations for taking up causes] "Bono as we all know, is in love with the world, he's enamoured by it. He wants to give the world a great big hug, I want to punch its lights out." We need finally to move from charity (Band Aid, Live Aid) to political and economic justice. Sometimes the politicians need a bit of an ear-bashing to help them on their way to these solutions (but if the voters told the politicians to sort it out I could pipe down a bit - it is in your power to shut me up! Individual charity is essential, one human to another reaching over the impenetrable roar of political discourse to assist another in pain.

They shared a bedroom, and they had Cliff and the Shadows everywhere, all over the walls and ceiling. You've got all the baggage that comes with me: The Boomtown Rats, all the tabloid stuff...

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Geldof was of course disgusted at this idea, considering the song is a comment on the sheer senselessness of Spencer's crime. Concerted, coherent, durable and massive political action can do that.[About his foster daughter Tiger Lily, the daughter of Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence] "She calls me Dad. [on "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd] They had become conflated in my mind with this thing, which I had really thought was the death of music, prog rock and stuff like that.