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10-Nov-2019 08:52

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There blog guru and RSS author Dave Winer convinced Curry that what people really want is the ability to "take the Internet away with you and listen to it on headphones."Since Curry launched his show, nearly 500,000 people have downloaded i Podder, and the number of available shows has gone from zero to more than 2,000.

This past November, the BBC began podcasting a popular history show called reaches about 1 million listeners via the airwaves.) He adds that the podcasts "reach outside the CBC's typical audience to younger people," a much-desired demographic.

"Whatever we can do to expand our audience, we'll do," he says.

"I feel confident that we're the leading media criticism show among the 11 people who are podcast enthusiasts." Actually, Garfield's numbers are close to Maffin's.

Still, Garfield also thinks it's just a matter of time until podcasting comes into its own: "It's likely that podcasting will bring hitherto obscure or nonexistent broadcasters to the fore, and some genius will be discovered," he says.

who is adam curry dating-62

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Curry, 40, is the brains behind i Podder, a tiny application that he believes has the power to challenge commercial radio.

For a sampling of potential podcast geniuses, look no further than Podcast Alley.com, the burgeoning community's blog of record. Curry's show is always among them - you might say it's at the center of the podosphere, a place where reputation and recommendations rule.

When Curry puts a teaser for somebody else's podcast on Everybody in the podosphere seems to know everybody else, which is simultaneously cozy and deeply weird.

Even beer megacorp Heineken is getting in on the action.

The brewer has started making podcasts of popular DJs available on its Web site as part of a promotional campaign.

Given that podcasting didn't exist nine months ago, this adoption curve is impressive.