What is intimidating behaviour

02-Dec-2019 06:24

Is this oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder, and how can you deal with this? We talk every day with parents who feel their dream of raising a child has turned into a parenting nightmare.

This article is intended for parents facing intimidation—perhaps even bullying—by their adolescent or teen in their own home.

Ignore their off putting behaviour and act as if you haven’t noticed it. This is the first secret in getting through to intimidating.

By appearing unphased, you will begin the ruffle their carefully crafted exterior and make them more amenable to communicating on a less intimidating level.

It is often a defense mechanism which helps them avoid having to form closer relationships.

This way they feel safe from rejection and if people don’t warm to them they feel okay about it as they have controlled that situation by being intimidating.

Everyone designs how they wish to come across but beneath that we all have vulnerabilities, insecurities and self doubt and this is no different for people with intimidating behaviour.

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When you show them that you are unaffected, intimidating people immediately lose their power.Our focus is on understanding and responding to this behavior, while supporting a specific group of parents who often feel isolated and as if no one understands their situation.We’re here to say we understand, and you are not alone.For a child like this, being controlled feels like drowning.

is used to describe an older child or adolescent who has moved into a pattern of violating the rights of others: intimidation or aggression toward people or animals, stealing or the deliberate destruction of property.

They observe that you are not intimidated and thereby lose their power to ‘keep you at bay’. I have worked with intimidating clients and have never allowed them to witness any anxiety on my part.

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