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05-May-2020 03:22

They were thankful for the continued support she provided.

Williams fields constant follow-up questions via email from patrons as well.

They also explain relevant terminology such as “catfishing” (when someone pretends to be someone they are not) and what it means to “get spammed” (to receive non-stop messages and junk mail).

In class, Cubero shared dating-app user tips, including how to write a strong personal profile.

“Patrons would often come up and say, ‘Read this (profile) and tell me what you think,’” says Cubero.

She invites participants to bring their phones, a couple of photo options and an idea about one or two preferred dating apps. According to all three librarians, the biggest concern among participants is staying safe from scammers and protecting personal information.

The older adults “have a lot of paranoia around the internet and Google,” as one Westport patron explained to Cubero.The event was a hit, and has been repeated four times since.