Wanstrath dating jeremy

16-May-2020 13:07

The last episode was the hardest one for me to watch by far.

Just because seeing myself become emotional was hard.

I didn't see their connection when I was around the two of them. Chelsea: I have, I've talked with quite a few of them. So yeah, I've talked to quite a few of the girls and everyone's been... Chelsea: (laughing) I don't know if they will or not. They need some time to get to know each other and step outside the show and how they got to know each other that way, because when you come back to reality and you have all the other things in your daily life, you learnt o know a different side to somebody.

Reality TV World: How long had you thought that and had you ever expressed your opinion about Shayne to Matt before? Reality TV World: Things seem to get a little icy between you and Matt after that, was that the case? I could easily be friends with the two of them and I really hope that they do make each other happy. Reality TV World: Did you hear yesterday's announcement that Shayne is going to be on the cover of magazine? I've got to tell you, I have probably made at least four close friends for life. I talked to her for hours recently, and she's actually come visit me in June. I've talked to [Noelle Drake and Holly Durst], and they just live down the road in L. I can't say I would be shocked if they did get married. I can't say that I would predict it either, though.

Reality TV World: You seemed to have a problem with public displays of affection.

Was that something you were aware of heading into the competition or was it simply a reflection of The Bachelor's format with all the other girls there?

It brought me back to that very moment where my lip was quivering trying not to cry so hard.

Just my time together with Matt, I was completely falling in love with him and getting the reassurance back from him I thought for sure. (laughing) I would want a really long engagement just because it would be a quick proposal -- knowing somebody for a short period of time.Reality TV World: It seemed like Matt only further confused you when he said he was "falling for you" and "at times, you were the one." What were you thinking as he was giving you those reasons? Reality TV World: Did he ever shed any light on that reasoning? Reality TV World: What prompted you to tell Matt that Shayne was the "falsest person?" Chelsea: Shayne and I are very different -- very, very different.It was hard for me to see how he could love two women who are so different. Reality TV World: Have you heard from any of the other bachelorettes?

The qualities that he loves in her, I don't have and vice versa. Is there anyone you're planning on keeping in touch with? Reality TV World: Seeing as how you got to know both Matt and Shayne, do you think they'll actually get married?Reality TV World: So based on that answer, I'm assuming if Matt had proposed to you, you would you have accepted? Reality TV World: Matt told you "I can't give you everything that you need" and added it had "taken us a long time" before feelings started to develop as his reasoning for picking Shayne. Chelsea: I was essentially thinking he was giving me some bad things.