Vray unhandled exception updating

28-Jun-2020 13:51

Hello again Renderstuff, I'm trying to create a realistic cloth material.

With realistic I mean not only that it has the texture look but also has the correct translucency. Please note that a change in the right field «UI schemes: », may result in a change in the interface panels !!!

It is impossible to make a film visible in transparency .. but with a refractive index do not know what to do now to make up 1.04 if it turns light, with different noises bump probyval put anything good also nepoluchaetsya, natural does not work like ordinary polyethylene.

I was looking for material for vray - nenashel (polyethylene with pimples found ... tell me what I can do, what kind of noise supply, or may very package "mash".

If kneading how to make it like a real polyethylene ... Frankly, the interior do not the first time (in the second, but 0 :-🙂, but for now just entered a deadlock. Dear forum users on the forum often see renderengi and all wanted to ask , how do you manage to create such realistic materials.

I can not make plastic "tune up", make him look like plastic. Each time they create znanovo or shake the preform (eg Wray) and is simply adjusted to the your interior?

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I already tried to make a procedural material with a checker pattern where each checker color has it's level of refraction giving the light behind to pass threw the texture holes. Made curved Plain outside, created a V-ray Light Mtl , in settings V-ray Light Mtl Put image with the background, but still viewport Plain White In Object settings and V-ray properties all as you have written. In this case, go to the "Gamma and LUT" and resume tick "Affect Color Selectors" and "Affect Material Editor" in the segment of "Materials and the Colors" .

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