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Though we lack ponds, the ice skating rink at the EDITION is a fun way to stumble through a new skill together and only costs .Or if you want to go a little more native (and cheaper), there’s always the Kendall Ice Arena for . Rent a kayak and paddle out to one of Biscayne Bay’s deserted islands with a picnic basket full of eats from nearby Blue Marlin Fish House Restaurant.Sip a drink by the rooftop aquarium before catching a little Laser Daft Punk for an evening that’s both charming and educational.As in rent a Citi Bike and explore different parts of the city from a new perspective.Think a romantic afternoon of wine tasting is only for those hoity-toity folks in California? If you can put aside your ideas of what wine is “supposed” to taste like, tasting the tropical fruit wine at the Schnebly Winery is a fun, affordable way to kill an afternoon at a person.If you decide avocado wine isn’t your jam, the Miami Brewing Company is next door on property with plenty of fresh suds to wash it all down.Or take the most scenic bike ride in Hialeah along the trails at Amelia Earhart Park.Just because our version of winter involves 80-degree temperatures and palm trees with Christmas lights doesn’t mean we can’t get into the winter spirit.

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We’re not suggesting you do anything to take advantage of this cinematically romantic situation, but just an FYI, there is a cool lighthouse here too.

The Hollywood boardwalk boasts some of the most colorful characters in South Florida. Post up at one of the many beachside bars like Nick’s or The Taco Spot for an afternoon of the best people-watching in the area, and leave spending less than you would on a round most places in South Beach.

Every Friday the Frost Museum hosts hourly laser shows from 7pm to midnight for , and the museum stays open late with a bar and light food.

Pick up some rolls for dessert at Knaus, then make a big healthy dinner with the bounty you just harvested.

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While folks in Pittsburgh or Toronto might laugh at the idea of a pro hockey game as a “cheap” date, well, this is Florida.

Or you can head downstairs at the EDITION for trippy, multi-colored bowling that’s one of the cheapest things you can do in South Beach at less than a game.