Vb net maskedtextbox validatingtype

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In explanation, if inserting a character would cause a character to be shifted over into a mask position where it would not be valid, the character insertion will be rejected. The type of character input will determine whether the masking engine moves forward to the next character in the mask, or stays at the current position and waits for a matching character. netframework-4.0;netframework-4.5;netframework-4.5.1;netframework-4.5.2;netframework-4.6;netframework-4.6.1;netframework-4.6.2;netframework-4.7;netframework-4.7.1;netframework-4.7.2;netframework-4.8;netcore-3.0System. If the input character is a space, and does not match the current non-editable character in the mask, the masking engine will skip ahead to the next character in the mask. Assume that the user has entered two initial digits, "11", so the current position in the mask is at the first forward slash (/) literal.

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Each editable mask position, representing a required or optional input, is shown with a single prompt character. The "/" character is a logical date separator, and will appear to the user as the date separator appropriate to the application's current culture.| |`(999)-000-0000`|United States phone number, area code optional.

The Error Provider is a Win Forms control that allows you to show a red exclamation mark with an error message tooltip next to a control.