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I believe what you expect from marriage starts with how you’re raised—it’s the template for how you behave, what your comfort level is, and what you’re willing to tolerate.

My parents got married in 1960, but they had a very modern approach to their relationship.

It’s not all about finding passion, love, and chemistry. During a trip to Egypt—I go there often—the Egyptologist tour guide and I were talking about relationships and dating.

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And I think men marry who the woman is at that moment—they don’t feel like she will ever change and can’t handle it when she evolves. My second husband was six years younger than I was: When we got married, I was 36.So I made the first move—he would never have approached me because I was with my daughter.I found out he was from Buffalo, which is also where my mom is from.We had a different set of issues from those of my first marriage, mostly because we weren’t on the same coast for most of it: He was on the road or out in Los Angeles, and after our daughter was born, I was on the East Coast, raising four children and flying across the country every two weeks.

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Given our professions, proximity was a tremendous obstacle, so we had that issue on top of the age thing.I think men go through different phases of their life, though. I was just getting started in my career when I became a mother: I had my first child at 24, my second at 26, and my third at 30.