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Same goes for enabling/disabling particular Assertion inside the category.In addition under the Categories there is "Recently used" category which lists 5 Assertions most recently used, some of which may also be disabled for particular Source/Property selected.The dialog will contain map of assertions available for the current type of sampler (see below), pressing OK will add the assertion and open its configuration dialog.Assertions are divided in several categories for easier managing.To pull the xml form from the SAML Response I have the following chunk: Csp Parameters csp Params = new Csp Parameters(); csp Params.Key Container Name = "XML_DSIG_RSA_KEY"; // Create a new RSA signing key and save it in the container.RSACrypto Service Provider rsa Key = new RSACrypto Service Provider(csp Params); // Create a new XML document. Load Xml(decoded String); // Verify the signature of the signed XML. Write Line("Verifying signature..."); bool result = Verify Xml(xml Doc, rsa Key); // Display the results of the signature verification to // the console.Xml Document xml Doc = new Xml Document(); // Load an XML file into the Xml Document object. if (result) else public static Boolean Verify Xml(Xml Document Doc, RSA Key) UPDATE: Working solution for my manual implementation of SAML SSO in Asp.

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This doc, How to: Verify the Digital Signatures of XML Documents, was helpful in explaining some of the process but my implementation of SSO requires more further validations.Lets look at how the Assertion functionality of the Sampler Test Steps are used to validate the incoming response or request received by the Test Step.Before we dive into the available assertions, lets do a quick overview.After a sampler Test Step executes, all its assertions are applied to the received response and if any of them fail the Test Step is marked as failed in the Test Case view and a corresponding FAILED entry is shown in the Test Execution Log.

Here we can see that the "Test Request - login" Test Step has failed, which in the Test Case Run Log at the bottom also displays details on the actual assertion failure; "took 1023 ms" means that the "SLA" assertion failed, i.e. Assertions are always displayed in a tab at the bottom of the containing Test Steps' editor window.I run into this error while setting the strict to be true.