Validating charitable organizations

19-Feb-2020 16:00

She focuses on both individual estate planning and business taxation, including family business succession planning.

100W grant amounts are determined by the annual giving of our members.

For example, 501(c)(3)s are required to report amounts for grants and allocations made to others and for gifts, grants, contributions and membership fees received.

The numbers reported tell a story about the organization, one that can significantly impact ratings and fundraising.

These returns, available to the public and accessible on various websites, are a treasure trove of information about the filing charity.Second, the Act repealed the limitation on deductions, including those for charitable contributions, for high-income taxpayers (the so-called “Pease Limitation” on itemized deductions).Finally, and most importantly, the Act increased the charitable contribution deduction limit for an individual donating cash to a charity from 50% of adjusted gross income to 60%, something from which many taxpayers doubtlessly will benefit.Prospective donors, their financial advisors, and rating organizations routinely read Forms 990.

What most charities do not recognize, and take advantage of, is the opportunity to use the Form 990 as a marketing tool.

All applications must be submitted on the appropriate forms.

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