Validating assessments for students with disabilities

28-Sep-2020 11:39

In order to protect their rights and exclude discrimination, several federal statutes have been written into law. C.12189)As appropriate, the State or local agency (i) develops guidelines for the participation of children with disabilities in alternate assessments for those children who cannot participate in State and district-wide assessment programs; and (ii) develops and, beginning not later than July 1, 2000, conducts those alternate assessments.

There are two broad federal civil rights statutes that bar discrimination against persons with disabilities: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. 794 (a))Any person that offers examinations or courses related to applications, licensing, certification, or credentialing for secondary or post-secondary education, professional, or trade purposes shall offer such examinations or courses in a place and manner accessible to persons with disabilities or offer alternative accessible arrangements for such individuals. Ekstrom and Smith (2002) pointed out that The intent of laws governing the testing of individuals with disabilities is to promote fair treatment and access.

In order to answer those questions and delve deeper into the issue of large-scale assessment of disabled students, I consider in this paper five important areas in special education assessment: policies, accommodations, accountability, and alternative assessment.

As shown by the case given by Madrid (2004), large-scale assessment for students with disabilities is the hardest assessment to do. And the levels and types of disabilities vary greatly.

There are several factors that lead to this complexity. According to the estimates of Census Bureau (Mc Nei, 1997, 2001), about 20% of the U. If we set the same standards for special children as their regular peers, can they achieve those? Can we hold them in the lower grade until they achieve the standards or should we send them up no matter what their assessment results are?

Before entering graduate study, I thought it may take me two or three years to find my focus in the field of educational measurement.

Yet in the first class of Proseminar, I suddenly found that I had to find my interested fields and began the first step of becoming an educational researcher. Frank, Haniza and Raymond helped draw the map of MQM program.

The problem is that the state gives the decision of when and what accommodations should be given to the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

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