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26-Feb-2020 07:18

A validation rule is one way to restrict input in a table field or a control (such as a text box) on a form.Validation text lets you provide a message to help users who input data that is not valid.For example, use this regular expression to ensure that ten consecutive numeric digits are entered in a phone number field: If you use regular expression validation, provide some explanatory text (e.g., help text, placeholder text, and a clear error message) to guide form users in entering the proper data.Figure 4: Regular expression text validation opens up countless possibilities.The steps in the section Add a validation rule to a table explain how to add validation rules to table fields.The steps in the section Add a validation rule to a control on a form, later in this article, explain how to add rules to the properties in individual controls.Data types are not optional, and provide the most basic type of data validation.

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If the condition isn’t met, an error message is displayed to the user.Tip: Learn more about regular expressions in our Java Script tutorial.attribute specifies a hint that describes the expected value of an input field (a sample value or a short description of the format).Typically, you use a form validation rule instead of a field validation rule if the rule was specific only to that form and not to the table no matter where it was used.

This article explains how to use validation rules and validation text in table fields and form controls.

Numeric field validation is similar to text field validation, but the conditions compare the value of the number entered to some other value.

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