Updating portage tree

04-Oct-2020 02:16

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Portage provides very simple tools to install packages and the dependent packages with little or no headache.Simply search ( -s or --search) for the package you want/need then install, such as [email protected] # emerge -s htop Searching...Following these rules can make mixing and matching between Entropy and Portage safer, not safe, just safer.With these rules you will have not only a history of what you have done, but a pretty good idea of what needs to get undone if your system becomes unstable or unusable.This reference is not meant to be complete or authoritative, it's a crash course.Only daily necessary skills with Portage will be discussed, the See Also section has links to more information.

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The partial or regular will only update packages that have a direct update.Before you go any further, there is no necessity to use Portage on your machine to compile packages that are not on the Entropy repositories.Packages can be compiled in a clean environment with the En: Sabayon Devkit without messing with your current system.Make sure to include version numbers and any specific USE flags that you think are needed/unneeded.

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This may not get you your package right away, but it will get you and others the package.

First of all, when mixing Portage and Entropy, never use Portage to update Portage.

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