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She added that clean water and schools were more important.Mohammed Diop specifically criticized the project as an attempt to exploit the governments of poor nations by making them pay for hundreds of millions of machines and the need of further investments into internet infrastructure.Shortly after OLPC's founder, Nicholas Negroponte, accused Intel of trying to destroy the non-profit, Intel joined the board with a mutual non-disparagement agreement between them and OLPC.Intel resigned its membership on January 3, 2008, citing disagreements with requests from Negroponte for Intel to stop dumping their Classmate PCs.Advertisements for OLPC began streaming on the video streaming website Hulu and others in 2008.One such ad has John Lennon advertising for OLPC, with an unknown voice actor redubbing over Lennon's voice. Their annual budget was slashed from million to million which resulted in a restructuring on January 7, 2009.

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Funding from Marvell, finalized in May 2010, revitalized the foundation and enabled the 1Q 2012 completion of the ARM-based XO-1.75 laptops and initial prototypes of the XO-3 tablets.

Others have similarly criticized laptop deployments in very low income countries, regarding them as cost-ineffective when compared to far simpler measures such as deworming and other expenses on basic child health.

The project originally aimed for a price of 100 US dollars.

It has been criticized from many sides regarding its US-centric focus that ignores bigger problems, high total costs that may be quite cost-ineffective, low focus on maintainability and training and its limited success so far.

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The OLPC program has its roots in the pedagogy of Seymour Papert, an approach known as constructionism, which espoused providing computers for children at early ages to enable full digital literacy.

Negroponte likened shared computers to shared pencils.