Updating nokia 6630 operating system

12-Apr-2020 22:44

the latest N80 update added the ability to upgrade the firmware over the air).

updating nokia 6630 operating system-65

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An example of this can be seen in the screenshots below.

However if you have a device purchased later on in the life cycle (6 months after it becomes available) then you are less likely to need to update the firmware, although you may still wish to do so if you are having problems with the device.

You can find out what firmware version you have by entering *#0000# at the standby (idle) screen.

I wanted to install a screen reader so that I can use all the features of this phone (as I'm partially sighted) but it just would not install.

Not sure whether this had something to do with unsigned applications, but that's another issue.

As I write this, only the Nokia N70, N72, 6630, 66 S60 phones are supported, but it is anticipated that Nokia will be significantly extending the number of supported phones very shortly, to include all S60 3rd Edition devices.