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25-Mar-2020 18:53

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Checklist Items Source and the Checked Items collections, have the same column names.Hence you can use the below formula to update the source at once with all the changes.Patch(Checklist Items Source , Checked Items) In many scenarios, the columns in source and destination tables vary and you cannot use the Patch statement, but instead use For All with Patch.With For All, you must loop through each record using a condition.Let’s see how this can be achieved with the example of Checklist items above.

Similarly, Category, Description and Status values are set.

Hence, we store a label within the gallery and use it for comparison. with Add Columns: This is an alternative to using the Disambiguation operator or a label inside gallery.

While creating a local copy of your data source, you can use Add Columns formula to create a new column with a different label(New Id) for the Id column in your source collection.

I’ve detailed out different solutions to achieve this in the blog below. When you are done with a few tasks you can mark them as complete.

You could extend this scenario to a Product Launch checklist, Home Inspection checklist and so on.

When the user clicks Done in the above scenario, we need to update Checklist Items Source with changes from Checked Items collection.