Updating maven dependencies

11-Aug-2020 18:29

updating maven dependencies-41

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But it is not nice to have to go through the build logs every time to see if a dependency has changed in that output.

What I instead would like to do is generate a HTML report for every build that only displays the dependencies in table form.

The biggest change for your project’s build plugins is the removal of the .

Liferay now provides several individual Maven plugins that accomplish specific tasks.

[INFO] [ERROR] Project does not define required minimum version of Maven.

But one perticular feature is really interesting here, and that is the $ mvn versions:display-dependency-updates versions:display-plugin-updates [INFO] Scanning for projects...

[INFO] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Building dependency-report Maven Webapp 1.0-SNAPSHOT [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] [INFO] --- versions-maven-plugin:2.5:display-dependency-updates (default-cli) @ dependency-report --- [INFO] The following dependencies in Dependencies have newer versions: [INFO] junit:junit ............................................

And unfortunately the Versions plugin does not have that feature so I had to improvize. Here is a script that will turn the above logs into a html page you can directly view (Download): #!

One of the major changes in Mule 4 was introducing components modularization.

[ERROR] Update the to contain maven-enforcer-plugin to [ERROR] force the maven version which is needed to build this project.

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