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05-Mar-2020 18:26

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Potentially more complicated if the path to the file requires parent directories to be created.

Might also make sense to translate Auto Add/Auto Save exceptions to warnings(?

The connection - and therefore the Host Key verification - only happens between Client Master and Provisioned agent.

In this regards, some strategy might be more appealing and suitable than others: [email protected]:~$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/jenkins_node_rsa [email protected] The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.

Connections will be denied until this new host and its associated key is added to the Known Hosts file.

The shared agent item on the CJOC is simply a definition/template of an agent used to create nodes on the Client Master master that requests it.

If one is found, it checks if the host key send by the remote host matches the Known host key. We recommend however that you select an Host Verification Strategy to prevent man-in-the-middle attack. They are different verification strategies: With this configuration, an authorised Jenkins user with Computer.