Updating kernel

16-Feb-2020 00:41

After installing the newest kernel a dozen times you will ask the question " this will give you a very big output.

Now chose one of them that you want to install and install it by following commands(Don't type these commands like this,replace the word kernal_version with the kernel version which you wish to install) Now when I first did it, I Don't know is it my hardware problem or because of removing the old kernel,but my laptop shows me black screen which happens to my laptop sometimes.

- you are running the latest kernel when the first option in grub boot menu is selected.

Your older kernel versions are still available under grub's Advanced Options menu.

Though I personally haven't had issues from using newer kernels, you will find some people who are strongly opposed to doing this.

As you've seen, Ubuntu does provide versions of the Linux kernel, but not always as fast as they are released upstream, you can always compile the 3.3.1 kernel yourself, but that may be more effort than you were looking for.

Performance & battery life increased, while temperatures dropped a few degrees.

My issue of a black screen when resuming from standby has also disappeared.

There are other kernels like Liquorix that claim to be better optimized for desktop performance.

What the question author is referring to is mkdir kernel\ v3.3.1-precise && cd kernel\ v3.3.1-precise wget dpkg -i linux-*sudo update-grub sudo reboot now mkdir kernel\ v3.3.1-precise && cd kernel\ v3.3.1-precise wget dpkg -i linux-*sudo update-grub sudo reboot now Contrary to some answers here Ubuntu releases the new kernel within a day or two of the main kernel team.

I used to upgrade the hard way like some of the answers here suggest but I found this is an easier way. There are reasons why you want to install the latest mainline kernel: Voila!

Other than hardware driver update I don't find the need to upgrade kernel.

updating kernel-17

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New kernels do have security and slight performance upgrade but also have tendency to break things like your VM.You can give it a try, it's on github, please be sure to read the README.

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