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11-Sep-2019 12:03

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While this guide details the process for Drupal 8, the same workflow can be applied to Drupal 7 or Word Press sites.

Once you have navigated to your project’s Dev page, ensure the Development Mode is switched to SFTP, not Git.

As a brief “note to self,” this is how I just updated a Drupal 7 website using Drush.

Please note that the output of some of the commands below refer to early versions of Drupal 8, but these commands also work with Drupal 7.

This is interactive and will give you a listing of all the modules that need to be updated for a given site.

You can then choose to update them all or continue.

Afterwards, I felt others could use this same outline to assist with their own workflow, hence this blog post.

Assuming there were no issues in the update process, you can exit the development site and go back to the project dashboard on Platform.After they have updated successfully, you’ll be shown the following message.Some modules will require an update to their database table(s). Once the database updates are complete, you’ll be shown a log of any messages, warnings, or errors.In the Test tab, you’ll see a highlighted section detailing what commits are ready to be tested against the live site.

All the checkboxes should be selected, and you can add a Deploy Log Message if you’d like.

Unless you are certain you want to do all of your updates at once, I suggest you use this command to see what updates are needed, then use the below command to update a few of the modules separately at one time.

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