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Lubrication was via a wet sump with a chain-driven, dual-rotor oil pump; an oil (air) cooler was also fitted.

The transmission was a 6-speed, with a constant-mesh, wet multi-plate clutch and chain drive to the rear wheel with the exception of the 5-speed VFR750P which had a spacer in place of one of the gears.

Introduced for 1986 as a complete redesign of the VF700/750F models in order to address some of the camshaft and bearing problems that had become associated with the first-generation Honda V4 engines, and to improve Honda's negative image concerning this engine.

Compared to the VF750F, the new VFR750F had greater power output (104 hp up from 83 hp), lighter weight (claimed 20 kg), 700 cc versions (VFR700F) of the first-generation bike were available alongside 750 cc versions in the US market, due to the tax laws in place at the time that penalised large-displacement imported motorcycles (in order to protect the troubled Harley Davidson Motor Company).

In comparison to the VF750 almost every component had weight shaved off it, each connecting rod lost 90 g (3.2 oz), rocker arms 6 g (0.21 oz), intake valve 0.5 g (0.018 oz), exhaust valves 1.5 g (0.053 oz), pistons 20 g (0.71 oz), piston rings 1.3 g (0.046 oz) per set, valve springs 17 g (0.60 oz) each.

The 1986 VFR750F used what Honda call a diamond type frame, this is because the engine is "set" in the frame like a precious stone is set in jewellery.

All generations of VFR750F since 1990 had an Elf-designed pro-arm single-sided rear swingarm, and since 1986 had durable, gear-driven cams.

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A clock and fuel gauge were added and the pillion footrest mounts were changed from being part of the rear subframe to bolt on cast aluminium assemblies.

First-generation VFR750Fs sported anti-dive (adjustable on some models) on the damping-rod front 37 mm (1.5 in) Showa forks (uprated to 41 mm (1.6 in) for 1988) and a conventional, dual-sided aluminium swingarm with a centrally located Showa damping unit with remote hydraulic pre-load adjustment at the rear and a pro-link suspension linkage.