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18-Jun-2020 02:15

Tufvesson: I always say show up at the restaurant about fifteen minutes early, especially if you’ve never been there, so you can get the lay of the land and feel comfortable in the space.We try to pick places that aren’t three people deep at the bar; we always recommend sitting at the bar because it’s a little bit more intimate than sitting at a table across from each other.Lewis: We collect feedback from both sides, which is something you don’t get in real-world dating.It’s an opportunity for you to find out if there’s something that you’re doing that’s turning your date off. It’s great for us to hear whether it was a match or it wasn’t—or if it was an almost match except for this one thing. We might get a text after: “Hey, why didn’t I hear back from him? ” And we’ll respond, “Well, actually, it might have been.Everything from allergies to sex drive to your relationship with your parents. If we think we have a good match within our current membership, we might tell them about the guy on the spot or give them a call later on, saying, “Hey, what do you think about this? Tufvesson: We’ll either give them a call or shoot them a text or an email to say, “I have someone to tell you about.” Then we connect with them.We tell them everything we would want to know about that client—where they’re from, where they went to school, if they’re divorced, single, whatever.

And because they are in the business of orchestrating good first dates, they also have some helpful data and advice to share on that subject, too.We are continually finding the best and most beautiful women to ensure the satisfaction of our male clientele.

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