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25-Jan-2020 14:12

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Depression can drive an individual to do a lot of scary things, ranging from threats of physical harm to quitting their job to burning bridges. As someone who once found myself in a relationship with a depressed individual, I can tell you this: the relationship lasted six months, and it took me two years to feel like my happy, whole self again after. A depressed individual cannot be there for someone else who is feeling down.It can be very frightening, for a brand new romantic partner, to know how to address these threats. But a romantic relationship should be a partnership in which both people console and uplift the other. Depressed individuals go through phases when they don’t want to see anyone.If you continue to insist that the answer to my lifelong genetic mental disorder is Soul Cycle, don't let the door hit you on the way out, k? If I am trying various medications, I might seem weird for a couple weeks, but it's just a phase until I find the right one. If you stick with me through the low points, I'll be the best and most loyal girlfriend you've ever had. I'll be like the golden retriever of girlfriends.14.It's sort of a combination of dating and playing Russian Roulette with my brain juice. You don't have to read my mind — you just have to take cues. If I ask you to please go get me an iced coffee and a tuna melt and don't yell at me for eating in bed, please do that, if you're not busy. But you should still feel as lucky — (#blessed), if you will — to have me as I do to have you.Depressed partners also go technologically dark at times, not responding to calls or texts for days.This is very scary for a new romantic partner who is unsure if they’re just being ghosted or, if something is terribly wrong.

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That can be very hard on their partners who want some guarantee of a normal life.

If you make me feel like a complete self-indulgent drag that's barely worth putting up with, my first move once I'm feeling up to it will be to dump your ass and find someone who knows I'm more than worthwhile.