Tree ring dating method

19-Sep-2020 07:02

This would have been true, not only before the Flood, but even for some time afterward, while the earth’s crust was adjusting to new pressures.

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But this viewpoint overlooks the abundant evidence that the climate was much more temperate before the Deluge of 2370 B. Both of these differences, in harmony with the opinion quoted, could have resulted in more multiple rings in trees then living.

The next point to note is that no single tree has 7,500 rings. This process was repeated with seventeen other remnants of fallen trees, ranging from 439 to 3,250 rings, to carry the ring count back a total of 7,484 years.

Although it is reported that some standing trees are more than 3,000, and even 4,000 years old, the oldest living tree included in the chronology goes back only to 800 C. However, a dead tree was found with some 2,200 rings, and similarities in the pattern of thick and thin rings were found between the outer layers of the dead tree and the inner layers of the living tree. Now you may ask, How certain is the matching of the overlapping patterns?

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The first thing we should ask about is the basic assumption of tree-ring counting, that one ring equals one year.