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When Thor is banished Loki takes the throne, but to do so he must break off his engagement with the love of his life Emmy and marry the Goddess Syngin.Emmy with a broken heart moves to Alfheim to be the Ambassador of Asgard, to get way from Loki. *** “We're in a unique situation.”“More than one, I suspect.”“Likely, though in an infinite multiverse…”“Shush, don't bring up the multiverse during afterglow.”Loki chuckled.

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We've all been waiting for more of Tom Hiddleston's take on Thor's brother Loki for a while now.

During his flourishing acting career, he performed in numerous blockbuster movies. Furthermore, the movies he played in have grossed overall .4 billion worldwide., in Westminster, London, England, UK.

He is of British nationality and is of Mixed ethnicity (English, Welsh, German, and Scottish).

The series may be about how the MCU pries this device from his hands.

A report from MCU Cosmic credits 'production sources' for the claim that Loki will "change historical events" with his toy.His father’s name is James Norman Hiddleston and mother is Diana Patricia Hiddleston.