The lesbian dating Porno star chat rooms

09-Feb-2020 01:55

Thanks journalism, thanks Free and upgrade versions are available.

A basic account that lets you like and message people is free.

I did however, find navigating it a little trickier than usual.

It ain't as easy as Tinder or Bumble, that's for sure.

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You have to like something specific on their profile, which then gives them the next "move" aka chance to respond to you. Being single isn’t the thing you do, unhappily, before you settle down.

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I felt like no one really messaged though, and the UX experience was all kinds of annoying. When you get started, you can choose between being shown "men", "women" and "everyone".

Once you set up your profile, there are shit tons of gender identity options.

And the only options for your sexuality are "interested in men", "interested in women" or "interested in men or women".