The difference between dating and courting

08-Nov-2019 21:50

the difference between dating and courting-32

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We commit to Him and our decisions sometimes are not easy.

Would my decision on this glorify my eternal husband? Should I do, act or say this, or could it harm my relationship with Yeshua (Jesus Christ)? Yes, God blesses it with intimacy in covenant agreement where there is honor, but there are other dynamics of being wholeheartedly devoted to God and one another.

See, marriage and courtship in the context of the Bible is about serving and being selfless. In many people’s version of dating, you are free to be with multiple people, and there IS NO DISCIPLINE OR ACCOUNTABILITY.

In dating, it’s kind of a trial-and-error or free-for-all.

Spiritually matured people in their [lives] are involved, including the leaders of the Christians’ group they are part of.

The course of the relationship shouldn’t exceed a year (accepted Christian standard).

It can really lead nowhere when it’s not centered around Christ.

Getting accountability partners and wise counsel is a great way to walk the path of courtship into engagement.

We need to get out of the world’s standards of dating and the Hollywood romance flicks, which don’t paint godly pictures or examples.