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Many of these drivers are travelers on their way to Jackpot, others are tourists visiting the renowned Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge, but the majority are simply commuters, Regardless of the circumstance, multiple intersections with Blue Lakes have been named to the ITD's High Accident Locations report, including Blue Lakes/North College, Blue Lakes/Addison Ave., Blue Lakes/Falls Ave.The city is gradually making improvements, but no new numbers have been released yet; thus Twin Falls still has multiple entries on the Top 100 Worst Intersections in South-Central Idaho.For an urban center and Idaho's largest city, Boise has always been known as a relatively safe area.While all of Southern Idaho is permanently at risk due to the drier climate, this area in particular is susceptible due to a low watershed, and proximity to Oregon's own fire zones, which have been known to jump across the border.

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