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D., Program Director Phone: 517.353-9367 E-mail: School of Architecture and Interior Design Program of Interior Design College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Edson G. D., Interior Design Program Coordinator Phone: 513.556.0235 E-mail: Interior Design Program Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design URBN Center Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism Debra Ruben, Associate Professor, Director of the Interiors Programs Phone: 215.895.1388 E-mail: indicates the program has been placed on probation for a specified term.

Probation is an accreditation status indicating that critical weaknesses have been identified in an accredited program, which require improvement in order for the program to maintain accreditation.

Satellite: Satellite internet is widely available, but offers slower speeds due to a far-traveling signal.

Fiber: Fiber relies on glass strands to relay digital code and is much faster than both DSL and cable.

A certified Arborist, an experienced pruning crew, and the equipment to safely care for your trees is why Webb is the first choice in tree care.

From removing problem trees to stump grinding to pruning young trees for good structure, Webb has the expertise to keep your trees thriving.

Visit FAQs for further information about accredited programs, online programs, and standards.

Interior Architecture and Design Prospective Student Services Phone: 415.618.6528 or 800.544.2787 Email: [email protected]: In 2008, accreditation was extended to include the online delivery method.

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Students enrolled in an accredited interior design program can be confident that the program meets the quality standards recognized by the profession.

Summary of Accreditation Findings Interior Architecture and Design Program Department of Design & Merchandising College of Health and Human Sciences Stephanie Clemons, Ph.

D., Interior Design Program Coordinator Phone: 970.491.5639 E-mail: Interior Architecture and Product Design Program Department of Interior Architecture and Product Design College of Architecture, Planning & Design Nathan Howe, Department Head Phone: 785.532.5992 E-mail: Interior Design Program School of Planning, Design & Construction College of Agriculture & Natural Resources/College of Social Science Suk-Kyung Kim, Ph.

Here, expertly trained employees cultivate a vibrant supply of high-elevation trees, shrubs and flowers.

We also devote 5 acres to a hand picked selection of hardscape materials and masonry.Certified irrigation techs perform an irrigation system inspection to ensure proper coverage, efficient water use and make adjustments and repairs as necessary.