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05-Oct-2019 05:49

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Personally, I don't find the shields very useful, especially considering it removes the demo's most versatile weapon: the sticky launcher.*: If you have a shield equipped, you can charge roughly every three seconds with this.Even if you don't, you'll find the "turn ammo into health" bonus very helpful, especially if you go full demo-knight.If you aren't going full knight, you will have to be at full health to receive ammo, so be aware of that if you feel like blowing more things up when you equip it.*: Similarly to how the Amputator made the Bonesaw redundant, this too makes the syringe gun inferior.You won't miss that one point of damage and the movement buff is very helpful if you have to escape or hurry down with full uber.*: Improved healing in exchange for no overheal and a gimped uber?Recommended for aggressive spy players.*: A unique knife variant that allows the spy to make a quick getaway after a backstab - essentially allowing you to stay invisible as long as you have targets.The reduced health can be a very big downside, so be prepared to die often if you're found out.I think I'll pass on this, but I suppose it has its uses.The only heal targets faster than the Medic are the Scout or a Demoman with 3 decaps, so I suppose you could tag along and get to the battle faster if you're healing one, but it's otherwise inferior to the stock Medigun.*: A bonesaw reskin that allows the medic to have the spy's health-seeing abilities.

At full charge bonus, it's very powerful, but getting it to that level is rather taxing - recommended for professionals with standards.*: The only useful thing about this is the 25 extra HP it gives, as the additional turning control - while significant - isn't overly advantageous.

Hi there, I have installed the game Portal 2 when I tried to launch it I got this error message box.

I have installed it properly and copied the files required in the main folder where the game is installed.

I tried to reinstall it, rebooted the PC and still got this error. Can this error be fixed and how can I prevent it in the future with next games ? Verification error Fix app Info This applet is to fix verification issues involving Portal 2.

- A direct hit clone that trades half its speed and some of its ammo for regular rocket damage Ao E.He was a glass cannon before, but this takes it a ridiculous extreme.