Swiss dating customs

31-Jul-2020 13:43

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To join in a hike, you therefore have to have the right equipment: good hiking boots and a light rucksack are a must.

Please also be careful when referring to the official hiking scale: light climbing is also deemed to be hiking in Switzerland!

If, however, you don't want to wait until serving your delicious meal to impress, you can make a big effort with your Apéro.This problem is notorious, however, and therefore there is a very high level of tolerance.Nevertheless, you can be sure of the following: You never give two kisses.Don’ts An invite without an Apéro: If Mr and Mrs Swiss are invited for an (evening) meal, they will expect to receive an aperitif and some appetisers before the meal is served.

This does not have to involve a great deal of work: Depending on the formalities of the invite, beer or white wine with crisps, nuts or olives will also be accepted.The perpetrator will immediately be labelled as rude, unfriendly and egocentric.