Supermarket dating

06-Feb-2020 19:47

since I came back I have started to examine my friends Facebook page… that’s all, you don’t need to take special lessons, you don’t need to have a dating coach, you just need to look better… in other words you are trying to make yourself look better than you look lets say on a Saturday morning in front of the TV. Life online are similar to real life in one sense, if someone is making a move on me, first thing I do is to check their photo, isn’t it?

want me to exam yours and analyze it in my next posts? OK, let’s get serious, obviously dating gets easier if you are a very attractive person, but what happens if you are just an attractive person or even less? If they look good, than the chances I will respond positively, grows.

This is not a new invention you know, celebs are using software such as Photoshop to improve the way they look all the time. It doesn’t matter how good you look, if you are not using a professional photographer, a makeup artist and a stylist, your pictures will always be kind of OK, but they will never work for you.

But if you fix the light, put some filters, and make an annoying zit or double chin disappear, than it is still your picture, but now it’s a better you.

not a problem, just send me your name, and I will check the pictures for you… Well, that’s where things get a bit easier in the modern world of online dating. And coming back to our bombastic headline; How can you make more people respond positively to your online romantic moves?

oh, by the way, if you enjoyed this post, check my previous ones, and why not press like? Lets imagine you are about to go out tonight, what do you do? Improve your online dating photo, make yourself look better.

in other words, build your profile in such way that it will make the other website curios about one or more things you wrote for example…

last Tuesday he was suppose to meet up for the first time with a new girl which, funny enough, I used to work with.if you check Chuck page on Facebook, you will notice that his profile picture confirms that he is on a band.this is always a great pose to thake your photo when you are single and in your 40’s as this means that you are going for the rock and roll groupy crowd.Well, imagine that you are using an online dating service, you see a great picture of a guy (Charlie does look great for his age) you click on that and open his profile, and then you discover that this guy is a mad man, would you still go out with him? So even with our improved picture we still require having the right profile.

I know that so far in this blog I explained again and again that the most important thing we always forget to do when we build our dating profile, is to give our online photo a makeover… There are many websites and tips on how to do that, and I will summarize some of the tips in my next post, but there are 2 unconventional tips that I would like to share with you now, both been tested and proved working…well one night turned into two and than three, and as she did not have her own place, one morning she just stayed there, and that’s it. apparently, even on Facebook our photos are our ambassadors.