Steve harvey dating

29-Jul-2020 12:47

Well, this hot rumor just went from the “wouldn’t it be funny” ballpark into the arena of “holy crap this may actually be happening.”Could it be true?

Is Diddy really dating his own son’s ex-girlfriend?? Back in March, in a now-deleted Instagram video of the hip hop mogul at a reggae show, fans couldn’t help but notice the young woman behind him was none other than Lori Harvey. Lori Harvey, who used to date Diddy’s son Justin Combs. Diddy was celebrating Biggie Day and had a big entourage with him. So rumors barely got going long enough to die down.

The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey was reportedly "all over" the music mogul.

Although TMZ insisted that the pair were "just family friends," Diddy's former girlfriend Virginia claimed that the two looked like an item when she saw the alleged couple together at Super Bowl parties last February.

Lori’s stepfather Steve has been married three times and has seven kids – four biological and three step-children – as well as five grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Diddy’s been busy giving us all a lesson in how to be a gracious ex as, after congratulating former girlfriend Cassie Ventura on her pregnancy with new boyfriend Alex Fine.

Of course, Diddy and Lori's recent hang out has only added more fuel to the romance rumors swirling around.

Just a few weeks ago, the two were spotted on a romantic stroll in New York City. However, she took to Instagram Stories to clear the air and set the record straight.