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07-Jul-2020 06:15

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In today’s competitive environment, just having a loyalty program is not enough.You have to make a concerted effort to differentiate your program from others.Starbucks drinkers feel a sense of pride and feel of a higher class when drinking Starbucks compared to other coffee. The Gold Card is a physical representation of Starbucks status.Only the elite Starbucks drinkers can achieve this prestigious award and it signals to other Starbucks drinkers that you are part of an elite group.It’s these types of little additions that make a loyalty program truly elite.When a member of the Starbucks program gets 30 Stars” in a 12 month period they achieve “Gold Level” status.Starbucks sells many products outside of their retail locations, including: coffee beans, tea, K Cups, and ready to enjoy drinks.

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But the fact that nobody outside the company--heck, or even frontline baristas--can is a problem they need to solve.

They have created a loyal following of customers both with their customer experience and revolutionary rewards program. Starbuck’s app makes their loyalty program more interactive and more effective.

The app makes it easy to see how many “stars” (points) you currently have, as well as make orders and payments right from your phone.

That squishiness could very well lead to illegal discriminatory treatment based on race, as allegedly happened in Philadelphia, where two black men who were apparently waiting for a third person to join them were ultimately arrested.

I was struck by sheer volume of comments on the article, and the fact that a strong plurality at least made the same point about the two-word phrase that was used repeatedly to describe people who hang out at Starbucks without buying anything: "nonpaying customer."But I also doubt it's the way that Starbucks looks at people.

It's a question that's been percolating for a long time, and it's finally boiled over after the allegedly racially motivated incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks recently: Can you really just hang out at Starbucks without buying anything?

In the third inning, with the Red Sox trailing 3-0 to the team that ruined their World Series hopes the previous season, Boston starter Bronson Arroyo hit Alex Rodriguez, who began talking trash on his way to first base.… continue reading »

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