Spot internet dating scammer

06-Dec-2019 01:02

Anyone who's looking to lock you down so fast probably has some issues.However, this usually a tactic used by scammers preying on those of us who are looking for a soulmate online. Like above but with the excuse that they're situated outside of your city or even the country.Countless people are finding love online and that's great.However, the increased popularity of dating apps and websites means that the number of romance scams has increased dramatically as well.If you don't know what a romance scam is exactly, it's a kind of online fraud where hackers connect with people on real dating apps, websites, and chat rooms; lie about their romantic intentions towards the victims to gain their trust; and then leverage their targets' good nature to steal money off them.It's despicable to do that to a person looking for love but you shouldn't be surprised. Fortunately, this type of scammer can be relatively easy to spot and avoid as long as you know what to look for.

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In order to make this as easy as possible as well as to reach as many people as we can we have created a list of warning signs you should look for when meeting someone online.

The romance scammers are hoping that you will let your guard down if they shower you with compliments but you won't, right?

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