South indian male dating customs

09-Feb-2020 23:41

And well to all you men out there; If you have a south Indian girl for a girlfriend already; well it means it’s time to count your blessings and for the rest, please buckle up yourselves while I list down few reasons on why you should definitely go for a south Indian girl over others (wink wink) and yes no strings attached please, South Indian girls are so easy to please that even a book can do the trick and will help to bring sparkle in their eyes Oh man, who can get past their big eyes and sharp nose without seamlessly falling in love?They can carry saris alongside their lush curves just like second skin, oh yeah hush hush!!Her eyes might speak the language of the heavens, and you can know what her exact feelings are with few or no words at all.When women all around the world whine and cry over their big hips or sizes, South Indian women might actually take great pride in them for they might have curves only at the right places.They teach you about South-India more than your geography text books.With their warm nature and wild taste in music and movies, they know how to strike a perfect balance for a long lasting friendship.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.

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Confident, Agile and Gorgeous, all in one is how we can best define a south Indian chick.

They have high moral and family values so you can be at ease knowing that they will bond with your parents amicably.

South Indians in general stick to commitments and stay to prove what they promise, so you are rest assured that they won’t cheat on you.

The flawless skin, big round eyes with long eyelashes and lush lips are all the marks of a South Indian girl, am sure that is what makes them the most irresistible You can bet that mouth-watering meals will slowly become a part of your life when you start dating them.

Be it vegetable curries, crispy puris or cottony soft idlies they can cater to your taste-buds anytime.English is used primarily in business, and for economic and political purposes.

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