Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

24-Mar-2020 06:57

We ultimately stayed with Sophos because re-deploying a new AV product is a big PITA, and we've never had any issues with malware/ransomware, so we feel the protection we have been getting has been good.I would only consider Sophos Central viable for very small computer counts due to lack of administrative features.It has SOME of the features of Intercept X, but not all, and it never will have all of the feautres of Intercept X (told to me by numerous Sophos sales/SE's).We've used Enterprise Console for 4 years and re-upped for another 3, adding in the e Xploit Prevention product.

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I used to think they were great, but once I started working with their product, it has made have strong negative feelings towards them.Sophos pushes HARD to use Central, but it's just not ready for larger deployments IMO.