Somali girls dating black men

24-Jan-2020 14:00

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It's okay guys, black girls have traditional African culture that are firmly rooted in Christianity and Islam, they are better than Asians and White who are traditionally rooted in paganism, atheism.

But do understand that there is a distinction between West Africans and Blacks here in the west, they have similar genetics and appearance, but different cultures !

treat them accordingly while keeping in mind the Blacks are more sensitive than West Africans.

perhaps because they have grown to see past our short comings, that is our propensity to be extremely xenophobic for absolutely no reason against all races, some more than others, this has also lead to more Somalis respecting them in return, albeit not entirely. Whenever Somali guys date/marry other races, it's usually White or Middle Eastern/South Asian. But with Somali girls you will see a lot of them with Tyrones/Bumbaclots.

U know a year ago I would have laughed comments like this off without much regard, but nowadays I realise that words cut deep and that people remember things.

I feel like West Africans hate Somalis these days because of the Nairaland incident, where a few perverted Nigerian men posted pictures of Somali girls in admiration of their beauty were faced with xenophobic slurs.

consequently the relations between North Eastern and West Africans have suffered, there is perhaps other places such as Topix, Somalinet, Twitter etc that have contributed to this growing animosity between the two black communities.

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So we all ought to watch our words, regardless of how funny it may seem at the time. for the lolz It all Adali's fault, while he chasing daughters Ilmo dhagax, what is Farrow, daughter of Geeska meant to do?

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